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I RECOMMEND RUNDE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT We contacted Runde Property Management last spring when we decided to rent out our home. Erin took the time to explain what we needed to know, gave us recommendations for our rental terms and allowed us to make the final decisions about our home and possible renters. She had our home rented to a wonderful family within one week! We have been very happy with Runde Property Management and would recommend them to anyone looking to rent their property. Jeremy and Jessica Low

Offering rental management services is what we have been looking for. They know the rental market and have the time to show and advertise your home. Doing all the paperwork and handling open houses. Using their services has been a less stressful rental experience. Brian & Liz Muller

Working with Erin and Dan has been wonderful. Since we live out of town it is reassuring to know they are able to handle issues that arise. It takes a lot of the stress out of property management. Justin & Christa VanderLeest


Rental Management Program:

  • Advise you on market value for your property.
  • Advertising and market with photos.
  • We will show the property to prospecting tenants including at least one open house.
  • Do the background checks, including criminal, collections.
  • Help you select your tenant, you have the final decision.
  • We handle all the paperwork.
  • We collect the rent check and put it in your bank account.
  • If there is a problem your tenant calls us, not you.
  • If something needs fixed we always ok it with you first, but only if it truly needs to be addressed.
  • If the tenant doesn’t pay we knock on the door.
  • Bi-annual inspections of the property.
  • Provide you with an annual report for your tax professional.
    Cost for Rental Marketing Program:
  • Please call our office 641-903-7696 for pricing

Commonly asked questions and answers:

What forms do you use?

We use the National Association of Realtors lease, plus we add additional addendums that are specific to the property and rules we want followed. Examples: no smoking, no space heaters, no subleasing, deposit can't be used as last months rent, etc.

Who decides rent?

As the owner of the property, you will decide rent amount. We can offer our advice as to what we believe we can rent the property for but ultimately the decision is yours.

Who picks the tenant?

As the owner of the property, you pick the tenant. We handle all showings and meetings with the tenants and do the background checks and simply give you our recommendation. In the end you make the decision on whether you want to rent to someone or not.

Do you allow pets, smoking?

As the owner of the property, you will decide if you want to consider pets or allow smoking in your home. Each property is different and we rent them to the owner's specifications.

How do I know my property will not be damaged?

With renting you never know what you are getting into. We go above and beyond to minimize your risk. We own rental properties and also don't want our assets destroyed. We will treat your home like it is our own. With bi-annual inspections, and keeping renters on-time with payments we hope to maximize your profit and minimize your risk.

What if 6 months in my tenant breaks lease, do I have to re-pay management fee?

No. If a tenant breaks a lease we will re-rent the property at no additional charge. You pay a management fee one time for a year of service.

What other properties do you current own/manage?

Click here to see managed/owned properties.


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